Make international calls
absolutely free!

Use your call plan inclusive minutes to make inclusive international calls to more than 80 destinations

you can make (Free) inclusive international calls using your call plan inclusive minutes.

Yes you can! Use your inclusive 0870 minutes to make international calls and save on your international call charges. How?

It works like this. Many top UK phone providers offer call plans with inclusive minutes to 0870 numbers. Check whether your call plan has inclusive minutes to 0870 numbers. If it has, simply dial our 0870 access number before you enter your destination number. We direct your call straight to your contact answers on the other side of the world. The call minutes you use come from your inclusive 0870 call plan minutes!

Customers reviews

I can call my family any time I want and speak for up to an hour and it's free! I can relax and talk without worrying about the cost. It gives me peace of mind.
Gino Savino
I have been using this service for many years now and it is very reliable. It's great to be able to use my inclusive minutes to make calls to friends and family abroad. Thank you Dialaway!
Stephanie Temple